University Police Department

Violation Descriptions, Fines & Appeal Process

Violation Fines

The UMHB Police Department enforces the university traffic regulations 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  Any traffic citation issued will result in fines which can range from $25 to $50. After receiving five citations an additional $50 fine is added to any violiation.

The fines are automatically applied to the student's financial record and must be paid prior to registering for classes, receiving clearance for graduation or having a transcript sent to another institution. Payments are made at the cashier's office in the Sanderford Administrative Complex or online through My Campus.

Traffic Violation Descriptions 

Backed Into Space:  The rear of the car must face the isle. Any vehicle that backs into a space or pulls through a space so that the front of the car faces the isle is in violation.

Double Parked: Any vehicle not parked in a ligitmate parking space and/or blocking a second vehicle.

Not in Space: All vehicles are required to park between two lines on the pavement. A line should be present on either side of the vehicle, with the exception of gravel lots. Motorcycles are allowed to park in hashed off areas as long as they do not block access to another vehicle, a side walk, or fire hydrant. The motorcycle exception does not apply to handicap access parking spaces. 

Over Time Limit: Most timed parking spaces are limited to 15 minutes. Vehicles parked in 15 minute parking spaces longer than 15 minutes can be cited. 

Parked in No Parking/Red Zone: Areas marked with red curbs, signs prohibiting parking, and hashed out areas marked with yellow lines are prohibited parking areas.

Parked in Maintenance Space: Maintenance spaces are marked with signs. They are reserved 24 hours a day and are restricted to service vehicles only.

Parked in Faculty/Staff Space: Faculty/Staff parking spaces are identified with white stripes on the pavement or by signs at the parking lot entrance. Faculty/Staff parking spaces are reserved for vehicles displaying a current UMHB faculty/staff decal during the hours of 7:30 AM to 2:00 PM Monday through Friday.

Parked in Fire Lane: Areas identified as fire lanes are marked with signs or red curbs adjacent to fire hydrants, fire escapes, or emergency access points. These areas are prohibit to all vehicles.

Parked in Disabled Space: All disabled parking spaces are reserved for vehicles displaying a current disabled license plate, disabled veteran license plate, or disabled parking placard issued by a governmental agency. In the event a disabled parking space is not available, a vehicle displaying the appropriate license plate or hang tag may park in faculty/staff spaces.

Parked in Visitor Parking: All visitor parking spaces are marked with signs. Visitor spaces are reserved parking areas for visitors only. Visitors are classified as individuals with no affliation with the university.

Parked on Grass: No vehicle is allowed to park on the grass.

Parked on Sidewalk: No vehicle is allowed to park on or block access to any side walk. 

Parking Suspension: Parking suspension is assigned by the director of public safety. After receiving five citations a vehicle is placed on the suspension list. When a vehicle is added to the suspension list an additional $50.00 fine is added to the citation. 

Improperly Attached Decal: The vehicle's parking decal is to be permanently affixed to the bottom left corner of the rear windshield. For convertibles and trucks with campers, the parking decal is to be permanently affixed to the upper left-hand corner of the front windshield. Parking decals should be displayed on the exterior windshield of the vehicles. Decals are non-transferable and cannot be taped to a windshield or placed on different cars.

 No or Invalid Decal: All vehicles are required to have a valid UMHB parking decal, hang-tag or placard when parked on campus. Vehicles which fail to display a valid parking decal, hang-tag or placard are in violation.

For a decal to be considered valid; it must be readable, issued during the current school year and not altered in any way.  The hang tag will be located on the rear view mirror and should face the front of the vehicle.

Moving Violation: All motor vehicle laws and/or ordinances are applicable on campus. If the driver is stopped for exceeding the posted speed limit indicate speeding and the speed  the vehicle was traveling will be noted in the comment section of the citation.

Other:  An offense not included in the violation section of the citation. This may include littering, alcohol violation, etc. 

Student Appeal Process

Students wishing to protest a citiation must appeal within 7 days or lose the right to appeal. Appeals are made to the UMHB Police Department located in suite 107 of the Mabee Student Success Center, 905 Moore St, Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm. 

Unpaid Fines

All citations are automatically placed on the student's financial record. All charges must be paid prior to registering for classes, receiving clearance for graduation or having a transcript sent to another institution.

Police Department
Address:  900 College Street, UMHB Station Box 8350, Belton, TX 76513
Phone: (254) 295-5555 | Non-emergency: (254) 295-4587