University Police Department

Suspicious Persons

What is suspicious?

What makes someone suspicious?

How do you know if something funny took place?

The answer to all these questions is largely subjective. Sometimes an individual will look perfectly normal in one area of the campus, while this same individuals presence would be highly irregular in another part of campus. The best way to articulate suspicion is: If something or someone's presence makes you feel that all is not right, you need to explain this information to the police.

If something out of the ordinary takes place in your office/classroom, dorm or apartment you need to articulate it so that the dispatcher knows what has taken place.  You know your office/classroom dorm or apartment better than anyone.  If something is not right, then you need to let the Police Department know:


Every day you lock your desk, file cabinet, and turn off the computer, then, on a Monday, you discover the office open, the computer on and your desk rummaged through; this is suspicious. If you work in an isolated area where students never, or rarely, frequent and a person who looks like a student is just hanging around for a long time, this may be suspicious.

When you talk to the dispatcher, articulate these things. Somebody that is very suspicious isn't going to report his or herself to the police.

How do you describe a suspicious person?

The first thing to do is plan now how to do it, so that the description is of use to a police officer looking for them. Do not be shy; do not think your description might be offensive.

List those details you definitely remember:  

What was said: 

Did the suspect have an accent:   

After you have tried to articulate these identifiers, go one step further. Ask yourself, if I were going to draw a caricature of this person, what features would draw your attention? Stress and articulate the obvious. Such as the suspects gender or the suspects race. Did the suspect have a weapon?

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