University Police Department

Reporting a Crime or Other Emergency

The University of Mary Hardin-Baylor is concerned about all criminal acts, fires, and injuries that occur on or near campus. As a result, the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor Police Department will respond to all reported criminal activity and/or emergencies occurring on campus and/or on public property adjacent to the campus.  Conditions that may contribute to criminal activity, fires, or injuries are reviewed by the UMHB Police Department to help identify methods to deter and/or reduce future vulnerabilities.

Members of the UMHB community and our guests are encouraged to report all fires, health emergencies and criminal acts as soon as possible by dialing 911.  Any violations of University policies and procedures should be reported to the UMHB Police Department either in person at 816 College, by contacting a police officer on patrol, or by dialing 254-295-5555. Lighted emergency (Blue Light) telephones with direct lines to the UMHB Police Department are located throughout the campus to facilitate reporting.   The following procedures are designed to encourage the prompt reporting of all such incidents to the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor Police Department and/or the appropriate emergency response agency.

UMHB Police Department (from a campus phone)                5555 or 911 
 UMHB Police Department (from off-campus or cell phone)  254-295-5555 or 911

In certain instances, a crime victim may be reluctant to file a report fearing the "process" and/or loss of his/her anonymity. In such circumstances, crime victims are still encouraged to make a confidential report to one of the designated campus authorities. Confidential reports are important because they provide valuable information that can enhance the safety of the community-at-large and such reports will (at least) provide a more accurate portrait of actual campus crime. (Remember, help is available, all you need to do is ask.)

All university officials are required to report these contacts to the university police department for statistical purposes only. The police department recognizes that some victims of crime do not want to make a formal criminal complaint. In these cases, criminal investigations will not be initiated, However, the incident will be recorded for inclusion in the annual disclosure of crime statistics. Community members can provide information regarding suspicious and criminal activity without providing their identity.

The UMHB Police Department makes a good faith effort to stay informed of all criminal activity involving students at off-campus locations. Surrounding municipal agencies, state law enforcement agencies such as the TABC, and Federal agencies routinely inform campus police about incidents where their officers contact UMHB students.

Community members are encouraged to report all crimes, to include off campus incidents. The UMHB Police Department will assist community members in reporting all off campus incidents to the appropriate law enforcement agencies.

Medical Emergencies

When injuries or situations requiring medical treatment or an ambulance service occur, individuals should call 911 directly to summon an ambulance to the UMHB campus for the medical emergency. Be prepared to give the call-taker your location, the nature of the injury, and the need for additional medical assistance. As time and circumstances allow, call campus police at ext. 5555 immediately after you disconnect from 911. Send a reliable person outside to watch for the emergency vehicles and direct them to the scene. If circumstances allow provide basic first responder care as needed (within the scope of your training) until emergency personnel arrive.


In the event of a fire in a campus building, call 911 directly to summon assistance for on-campus fires. Be prepared to give the call-taker the location of the fire, the type of fire, the extent of the fire, and if anyone is trapped by the fire. As time and circumstances allow, call campus police at ext. 5555 immediately after you disconnect from 911. Activate nearby fire alarms, evacuate the area and assist others.

To Report an Emergency or Crime in Progress

If you call to report an emergency, please provide the following information:

  • your name
  • the location of the emergency
  • a description of the scene, persons, and vehicles (including license plate numbers) involved.

The University of Mary Hardin-Baylor Police Department is part of the Bell County 911 emergency telephone system. Students and employees calling from a campus phone can always dial 5555 or 911 to report an emergency or crime in progress. The 911 emergency telephone number should be used only in crisis situations where it is necessary to summon police, fire, ambulance, or other emergency service immediately. It is unlawful to call 911 in non-emergency situations. Callers to 911 should realize that when reporting an emergency, their telephone numbers may be automatically displayed on a viewing screen located at the answering point. This display of the calling number enables emergency personnel to locate the caller quickly if the call is disrupted by the crisis.

For Non-Emergency Situations on Campus:

Call UMHB Campus Police directly at 254-295-5555.

Non-Emergency Telephone Numbers:

Campus Police:   (254) 295-4587
 Director of Public Safety:  (254) 295-4242
 Belton Police Department:  (254) 933-5840
 Belton Fire Department:  (254) 933-5828

Reporting Crimes to Other Campus Security Authorities
Who Are Campus Security Authorities?

The Clery Act also mandates that institutions must disclose statistics both for crimes reported to local police agencies and crimes reported to campus security authorities. Campus security authorities include the following:

  • A member of a campus police department or a campus security department of an institution.
  • Any individual or individuals who have responsibility for campus security, but who do not constitute a campus police department or a campus security department (e.g., an individual who is responsible for monitoring the entrance into institutional property).
  • Any individual or organization specified in an institution's statement of campus security policy as an individual or organization to which students and employees should report criminal offenses. An official is defined as any person who has the authority and the duty to take action or respond to particular issues on behalf of the institution.

The intent of including non-law enforcement personnel as campus security authorities is to acknowledge that many people, students in particular, are hesitant about reporting crimes to the police, but may be more inclined to report incidents to other campus-affiliated individuals. Examples of individuals who DO NOT meet the criteria for being campus security authorities include a faculty member who does not have any responsibility for student and campus activity beyond the classroom, clerical staff, custodians and maintenance personnel and cafeteria staff. A pastoral or professional counselor on campus does not have significant responsibility for student and campus activity and are exempt from reporting crimes to the campus police. However, campus medical personnel who treat a victim of a violent crime that occurred on the campus or a facility, under the control of the university, must disclose the reported crime to the university police. They are not required to release the names of victims/patients.

All campus officials, counselors, faculty and staff are encouraged to report all crimes even if not required to do so. The Police Department understands the confidential nature of certain campus officials and will respect the confidentiality of all information obtained for statistical reporting purposes. Only general information, such as general location, type of crime and date of crime, are needed to report crime statistics. Complete reporting by all university members will assist in providing a secure campus environment.

Designated Campus Security officials for the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor include:

 Campus Police  254-295-5555
 Dean of Students  254-295-4590
 Associate Dean of Students & Director, Residence Life  254-295-4590
 Health Services Coordinator  254-295-4623
 Associate Vice President for Human Resources  254-295-4527
 Vice-President for Student Affairs  254-295-4496
Associate Director, Athletics & Compliance Officer  254-295-5046

Responsibilities of Campus Security Authorities

Because of the law's complex reporting requirements, the most reasonable and effective way to manage the reporting is as follows: If Campus Security Authorities observe any crime listed below, or if any person reveals to a Campus Security Authority, in good faith, that he/she learned of or were the victim of, perpetrator of, or witness to any crime listed below, the Campus Security Authority must immediately notify the UMHB Police Department. Crimes that should be reported are: Murder and non-negligent manslaughter Negligent manslaughter Forcible sex offenses Non-forcible sex offenses Robbery Aggravated assault Burglary Motor vehicle theft Arson All hate crimes involving bodily injury All liquor, drug or weapons law violations resulting in an arrest Clery Act crimes reported to local municipal police will be included as long as the municipal police agency notifies the UMHB Police Department.

Confidential Reporting Procedures

If you are the victim of a crime and do not want to pursue action within the University System or the criminal justice system, you may still want to consider making a confidential report. With your permission, the Chief or a designee can file a report on the details of the incident without revealing your identity. The purpose of a confidential report is to comply with your wish to keep the matter confidential, while taking steps to ensure the future safety of yourself and others. With such information, the University can keep an accurate records of the number of incidents involving students, determine where there is a pattern of crime with regard to a particular location, method, or assailant, and alert the campus community to potential danger. Reports filed in this manner are counted and disclosed in the annual crimes statistics for the institution.


Police Department
Address:  900 College Street, UMHB Station Box 8350, Belton, TX 76513
Phone: (254) 295-5555 | Non-emergency: (254) 295-4587