University Police Department

Crime Prevention

The UMHB Police Department conducts multiple crime prevention presentations throughout the year at various seminars and events.  During these presentations, officers provide information designed to remove or reduce the opportunity for crime to occur.  To obtain additional information on any of the following programs or in response to any other questions, please contact your UMHB Police Department at (254)295-5555.

Personal Safety Program

This program focuses its attention on "crimes against persons" and emphasizes personal safety. In this seminar participants will learn how to reduce their chance of victimizations from sexual assault, robbery, including ATM robberies, and carjackings. Information is presented on how to prevent or reduce the possibility of being a victim; what can be done if confronted; and information on how to avoid confrontations.

Security Surveys        

A trained crime prevention officer will survey your UMHB building, office, or residence and help you identify vulnerable areas which may make your location a target for burglars. The crime prevention officer will provide information on what steps you can take to reduce these risks. A survey generally takes 20 minutes for a small workspace and up to one hour for an overall building assessment.

Operation Identification  

Operation Identification is a nationally recognized personal property identification program which helps deter theft and aid in recovery of stolen property. In this program you will identify your personal property by engraving your driver’s license number on your property and keeping a record of each item which includes a description and serial number. For unusual or high value items such as jewelry, valuable artwork, special equipment, etc., it is advisable to take video or pictures. You can borrow an engraver from the UMHB Police Department.

Personal property should be inscribed with the owner's driver license number and state identifier (i.e. TX12345678). University property should also be marked with a "UMHB" inventory tag.

Specialized Programs  

The UMHB Police Department has numerous special safety and crime reduction programs for specific department/offices such as: Robbery Prevention for departments that handle money - Staff are trained on how to reduce the potential of being robbed, how to react during a robbery, and what to do after a robbery.

Office thefts and how to prevent them from occurring - Examples of incidents are provided along with tips on how to harden the target and reduce the potential for thefts from the workplace.

Bomb threats and suspicious packages and letters - Instruction is provided on what questions to ask when you receive a telephone bomb threat and what information law enforcement will need when they respond to the call. Personnel are also taught how to identify suspicious packages and letters and what to do when they discover a suspicious package or letter in the mail.

Information regarding violence on campus includes information on how to respond to violent situations. Emphasis is placed on prevention and personal protection strategies.

Asset Protection Program    

Security awareness programs are developed to help administrators and facilities managers identify potential theft hazards and implement procedures designed to increase the security for department property and facilities. 

Each of these programs usually lasts approximately 30 to 45 minutes. 

Police Department
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